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Our sensor R&D involves

  • Inventing new sensor technology, such as the Sensor™ Gasket, and systematically exploring new use cases for sensor tech

  • Using existing sensor technology in new ways, such as to engage community scientists with collecting and analyzing life-relevant and culturally-relevant data

  • Collaborating with others to explore wearable and soft-circuit sensor technologies, and the data those sensors can collect

  • AgriTech -- using sensors and data science to assist with agriculture

  • Working with drones, robots, smart phones, and smart watches as mobile sensor platforms.

misty robot_2.jpg

Illustration: Misty II robot

small gasket image.jpg

Illustrations: Sensor™ Gasket

Sensor Gasket diagram2.jpg

All illustrations ©2018-2022. Auguste Research Group, LLC.  All rights reserved.

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