Drone Piloting in Oceanside

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We're designing the Drone Piloting in Oceanside (DPOside) program as a career training program based in Oceanside, California.  Participants will learn to professionally fly drones (also known as UAS, unoccupied/unmanned aircraft systems), collect research and inspection data, and complete initial analysis of aerial data.  We fly over land and ocean, learning to navigate all that nature brings to the beautiful spaces where we work.  

 An important part of our vision for the DPOside program is to broaden diversity in the drone piloting industry.  Our own lived experiences have taught us that, in our Black, Latino/Latina, and Indigenous communities, we have multi-generational knowledge to bring to this emerging industry.  The drone industry will be powerful if a diverse community of pilots, engineers, and entrepreneurs shape it into all that it can be.  And at Auguste Research Group, we're here for it!  💪🏾

Is this drone piloting or data analytics?  📊

It's both!  We think that learning data analytics is more fun when applied in real life.  Analytics for aerial data is specialized to be 3-dimensional, often influenced by weather patterns, and sometimes dependent upon knowledge of the ecosystem or infrastructure.  Professional piloting skills are needed to collect high-quality aerial data, so that the resulting datasets meet specifications required for accurate analytics.  

What are career options for professional drone pilots? 💼 

  • Collecting data for ocean research, collaborating with marine biologists and marine ecologists.

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Cell Tower.  Photo by Jorge Salvador on Unsplash

Where? When?
Who's eligible?
How long is the program?
How much 💰 does it cost?

We know, it's exciting!  But you'll have to wait a bit longer for those details.  We are still designing the program and arranging the funding.  Our goal is for the DPOside program to be no-cost to participants, but we have to find some sponsors to help us make that happen.  Sign up for our mailing list to receive updates as the program comes together.

  • Inspecting solar PV systems in remote, urban, or rural areas, to identify maintenance needs.  

An array of ground-mounted solar panels in a field of short grass.   Photo by American Public Power Association on Unsplash
  • Providing utility inspection data for cell towers and electricity poles.

  • Inspecting waterways -- e.g., coastlines, rivers, lakes, dams, and reservoirs.

  • Providing grid-based images for environmental surveys and mapping.

  • Providing video for construction site inspections.

  • Filming content segments for movie directors, real estate agents, and marketing professionals.

Do I need a FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certificate before applying for the DPOside program? 🏅

Nope!  During the first few weeks of the program, all participants will learn or review the material covered by the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate (also known as flying under the FAA Small UAS Rule Part 107).  Participants who haven't already taken the FAA test will then be ready to take it! 

After that, each cohort of participants will begin learning drone piloting and data analysis in one specialty area -- e.g., ocean research, inspecting waterways, or inspecting solar PV systems.

Contact  💻

If you are interested in sponsoring or providing funding in support of the Drone Piloting in Oceanside (DPOside) program, please contact  work (at) augusteresearchgroup.com .

We partner with a non-profit 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor for tax-deductible funding support.

If you are interested in participating in the DPOside program, please contact work (at) augusteresearchgroup.com .